Monday, September 03, 2007

No One Will Forget the ASU Smackdown on Michigan

I have to very much agree that no one will forgot how ASU stomped Michigan.

It is an embarrassment that will last an eternity for UofM, the coaching staff, the school, the players, the fans, etc.

It was hilarious to watch.  It was amazing when Michigan couldn't even get a field goal kicked at the end.  Don't they practice their special teams??

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NASCAR And Talladega Nights

NASCAR now in the mainstream?
NASCAR has been slowly becoming more of a mainstream sport over the
past several years but the new Talladega
Nights movie has given it the final push. Talladega Nights stars Will
Ferrell as NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby. The film was a box
office hit on its opening week. Newhouse News has an article
about the film and the growing success of NASCAR.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Where is the NFL Network Time Warner? Here is what is going on.

The NFL Network had accused the cable operator of dropping the channel in violation of rules that require 30 days notice for doing so and asked the agency to intervene. The FCC ordered Time Warner to restore the channel, just days before the NFL preseason starts .

The parties have not been able to reach an agreement for Time Warner to carry the channel. The network plans to air 54 NFL preseason games and eight regular season prime time games, according to the agency

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So Hot Playing the Football

The New York Jets players practice in the heat.

The New York Jets, for example, practiced twice on Friday, then had only one session on Saturday _ in 95-degree heat.

But what was scheduled to be a session of a little over two hours turned into three hours because Eric Mangini _ at 35, less than half Levy's age _ was dissatisfied with the practice. He kept having the offense rerun plays and twice had the teams run laps around the field _ something more common to high school coaches than those in the NFL.

"Yesterday I didn't think was very good. It was the hottest day that we've had in four years, according to our trainers. I think that it showed," Mangini said Sunday. "The heat is a good thing. I hope we get a lot of heat because as I've told the players we have got to learn to play in all the different elements."

Other coaches are well aware of the problems heat can cause _ especially those in hot climates.

"We give a test to all the guys that is muscle mass, body fat and hydration," Miami's Nick Saban said. "Almost 100 percent of the time when a guy has high body fat he has low hydration. That's not good for player safety in the climate we have to work in. We have structured programs to bring them down."
Man It is Hot! Time for some heat safety tips.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

ESPN's Ready For Some Football!

Sweet. Here comes the football!!

The cable sports network this fall takes over ABC's venerable prime-time pigskin program, complete with Hank Williams Jr. and his opening theme song, and plans to surround fans with as much news and information about the National Football League as they can stand.

"There's a big appetite for NFL football, and we try to service our viewers," said Norby Williamson, executive VP of remote and studio production for ESPN.

Obviously, football has always been important to ESPN, whether its on shows like "SportsCenter" or on ESPN News or on its Web, broadband and mobile services. ESPN also used to broadcast NFL games on Sunday nights.

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